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Want to be a better consumer and lead a sustainable lifestyle, follow these three Earth conscious Mantra.

1) Refuse
Yes, like they say, to refrain from any trash going out of your house you have to first prevent any trash from entering your home. So look before and after when you are shopping, and start composing yourself to REFUSE the things you don’t necessarily need.

Refusing plays a huge role in being a conscious consumer. If you take a min and retrace your days you will find a lot of situations you would have come across where you could have just simply said ”NO” and saved any trash from entering the Landfills and the ocean.

Every time you produce trash that Earth can’t consume we are losing a precious part of this beautiful planet.

Some easy-peasy ways to start implementing “REFUSE”

1) When you get a drink, you are most likely to be served with a plastic straw along with your drink. So say “NO straw please, thank you”. Not tough is it?

2) Fast food restaurants depend on disposables, that doesn’t mean we should too. Carry your own cutlery and refuse any plastic cutlery from being served with your food.

3) when shopping just scan through the products on the aisle and refuse the ones packed, stored and contains plastics.

4) This one you might you already know, Say “No to plastic bags”, old school but still many of us fail to use and carry their reusable bags. So stick to it!

Next up.

2) Reuse

Switching from disposables to reusable ones. This switch is essential for a healthier lifestyle and a better planet. We now know the figures in the number of trash getting thrown every day, every month and every year is just increasing by the minute.

Not before long there was a time where things had value and were made to sustain for as long as it can be rather than using and throwing mentality that we have now. But things are changing as we get attuned to “Reuse”
Some easy-peasy ways to implement “Reuse”

1) Using a reusable bag prevents almost 300 plastic bags from ending up in landfills and ocean per person per year. That’s a lot of toxic trash you could save! One small swap and the result, a healthier lifestyle and a better and a cleaner planet.

2) Using a reusable bottle could save 150 plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill.

3) You can reuse your old clothes to make your own tote bags or canvas bags, anything you want.

3) Recycle

The last resort is to recycle. We need to have a proper segregation of our waste as many things we throw out can be recycled to turn the waste into something new. As good as the features of recycling are we should never totally bank upon only on it for our waste. Like we mentioned it should be a last resort.

1) Helps protect environment

2) Reduces incineration

3) Creates jobs

4) Saves Resources

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