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Areca Leaf/ 5 Way Plate ( pack of 20 )


Made from the fallen leaves of the Areca nut tree, these plates are completely natural and bio-degradable. No toxic chemicals or non-renewable resource goes into the making of these plates. Once they are disposed they would naturally biodegrade and return back to the soil.

For any catering occasions, parties, get together, restaurants, you name it these plates are ideal and offer a guilt-free way of enjoying your meals.

Key Features:

– Eco-friendly Disposable plates

– Hygienic

– Can contain liquid for 2-3 hrs

– Microwave safe

– Sturdy and light

*Size – 12”

*Material – Areca Palm Leaf

*Disposal – Throw it into your compost bin where it will naturally biodegrade and return to the soil.

*Packaging – We ensure that all our packaging is eco-friendly

Note – These plates might look imperfect in their appearance but that’s completely natural & that’s the way they are but nowhere does that affects its functionality.

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