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Bagasse Bowl ( pack of 50 )


Bagasse is a fibrous leftover residue obtained after the extraction of juice from the Sugarcane stalks. These then go through a completely natural process where there’s no incorporation of any chemicals or additives of any sort to make varieties of dinnerware like plates, glass, bowls and much more. The bright side to it is that they are availed from a non-renewable resource and are completely bio-degradable.

Our Bagasse Bowls are durable and would make a great bowl for catering events, parties, and other special occasions.

Key features:

– Eco-friendly Disposable

– Food Grade

– Leak-proof

– Microwave and freezer safe


*Size –

*Material – Sugarcane Bagasse

*Disposal – Throw it into your compost bin where it will naturally biodegrade and return to the soil.

*Packaging – We ensure that all our packaging is eco-friendly

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