Birchwood Cutlery – Fork ( pack of 20 )


Plastic cutlery comes along with some or the other kind of food, especially fast food which is one of the major causes of plastic pollution. These are hardly used for a few mins and disposed to sit in the landfill for hundreds or even thousands of years as they contain toxic chemicals and never naturally bio-degrade.

When it comes to eco-friendly disposable cutlery nothing beats this Birchwood Fork. Made out of nothing but Birchwood, these are completely bio-degradable and free from chemicals, dyes or glazes of any sort. It is soft and comfortable to hold. So enjoy your having your food with these eco-friendly Forks.

Key Features

– Eco-friendly & Bio-degradable

– Food-Grade

– Strong and Sturdy

*Size – 15.5 cms

*Material- Birchwood

*Disposal – Compost it or use it as plant stake for your garden.

*Packaging – We ensure that all our packaging is eco-friendly

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