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.Neem Wood Kitchen Ladle Set ( Set of 7 )

$ 13

Inspired from the Wisdom of Ages we have designed this earthy and traditional collection of Ladles that are made from Neem Wood. Neem is a plant that is significant in most Indian households, given its medicinal properties and therapeutic values that have a lasting effect. Talking about the household, the kitchen is the essence of it and it often gets overlooked as we destroy its sanctity with toxic cookware, plastic, and so on. Our Neem Wood Ladles are mindfully designed to meet your cooking needs and at the same time keep your meals free from nasty chemicals and bacteria.

Cook with the essence of tradition

Benefits of using our Neem Wood Ladles:

– Strong & long-lasting

– Natural and unpolished

– Heat resistant

– Scratch Free

– Handcrafted by artisans from West Bengal

The Set Contains 7 Neem Wood Ladles for frying, stirring, serving, flipping, etc.

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