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.Conscious Gifting – Corporate Gift Box


Gifting your employees is about sharing happiness and encouraging them. This year’s Diwali is an unusual and a special one which asks you to be conscious and mindful. So to add to the celebration we have put together an exciting bundle which is green and conscious.

Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrush * 1
Ergonomically designed to keep up with your oral hygiene our Bamboo toothbrush is a take on eliminating the use of plastic toothbrush which has done more harm than good to our environment.
Reusable Coconut Cutlery * 1
A Our Coconut wood cutlery is a sustainable and perfect pair for taking on the go, using for lunches and during travel.
BYO Cutlery Wrap * 1
Bring your own cutlery wrap is an easy way to carry your reusable.
Eco Tote Bag * 1
Proudly refuse any Plastic Bags with this Cotton Tote which is perfect for carrying and shopping around for your essentials.
Reusable Drinking Steel straw (Bent) * 1
Straw cleaner * 1

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