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Clean With Pride Campaign

We at Almitra Sustainables, in association with the Ethamozy Coir Cluster, are proud to bring to you, the new Pride Brooms – a range of sustainable brooms made of Coconut Coir, that are designed as per the human stature, to enable sweeping without having to bow down.

Through this innovation, we aim to highlight the oppressive caste structure associated with the current brooms that are specific to India and are designed to ensure that the users would have to stoop down in order to sweep properly. It was not a surprise because sweeping duties were assigned to the lower caste or women in society – both being the oppressed sections. In a bid to break this stereotype, and help remove the caste and gender biases associated with sweeping floors, we partnered with the Ethamozy Coir Cluster, Nagercoil, to launch the ‘Ab Se Jhukna Bandh’ campaign. The initiative aims at primarily spreading awareness about the gender and caste-based oppressive notions, and taboo associated with shorter brooms that require stooping down, by introducing a new ergonomic and dignified design that is made using sustainable coir fibers.

You can join our campaign by either donating brooms or sponsoring our on-ground activations where we would be offering these brooms to institutions, communities, and local cleaners, in a bid to help make cleaning a dignified everyday task.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to having you onboard with us, in this initiative to break stereotypes and promote social equality and dignity through the simplest of tasks, sweeping!

Let’s spread the message, #absejhuknabandh