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Upcycled Wooden Soap Dish


When you want to call it day and take a shower but then you spot that mushy soap sitting on the nasty plastic soap dish, ughhh!

Introducing Almitra Sustainables upcycled and handmade wooden soap dish. This Almitra Sustainables creation is made with attention to detail to lift the energy in your bathroom naturally.

Our Soap Dish is made to keep your favorite soaps in their best form and lasting long.


-The ergonomic design of this soap dish allows the water to drain off easily, keeping the soap dry.

-The hollow gaps adds to the drainage which doesn’t let the water sit long on the Soap dish.

– The sleek surface doesn’t let soap stick much to the dish, keeping the soap intact.

Our wooden soap dish is not only an ideal but also a sustainable addition to your bathroom as it is made from scrap wood which is collected and then hand crafted by rural artisans using traditional hand skills.

Choosing this Soap Dish is choosing a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.


*Size – Length – 10 cm | width – 7.7 cm

*Material – Waste Wood

*Care – Rinse once a month and dry.

*Disposal – put it in Compost

*Packaging – We ensure that all our packaging is Eco-friendly

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Dipali Patayan (Mumbai, IN)

Best quality