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.Wet & Dry Body Brush with long handle


Almitra Sustainables Long Handle Dry Body brush is a therapeutic body brush used for keeping the skin healthy. It is made of Coconut coir bristle which is naturally anti-microbial and it has an easy to grip wood handle. This shower brush with a long handle can be used when you’re brushing your back and other untouchable areas, perfect for shower and bath.


A dry body brush is often used before shower to get your skin looking supple and radiant.


Here’s how Dry Body Brushing helps


1) It exfoliates the dead skin cells away.

2) Dry Body Brushing enhances blood flow.

3) Increases Collagen production.


Brush away all the toxins from the skin with this Dry Body Brush.

(Care – Rinse and dry | Disposal – put it in Compost or recycle |Packaging – We ensure that all our packaging is eco-friendly)


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