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Over the past few years, Coir – a byproduct of coconut fiber – has been garnering quite a fan following. Made out of the external hard shell of the coconut, Coir initially rose to prominence in the 19th century when it was used for gardening purposes in the West. After slipping off the radar, coir has made a thumping comeback as more and more people have started realizing the versatility this organic, environmentally sustainable substrate offers.


Today, Coir goes by numerous names – from being called coir-peat, and coco-peat to coir fiber pith and coir dust as well other similar sounding names.In addition, there are various types of coir available in the market;let’s take a look at the most popular fiber types:

  • Brown fiber
  • White fiber
  • Bristle Coir
  • Buffering Coir

Although traditionally, the most common uses of coconut coir were to make ropes and mats, this humble fibrous material has been discovered to have several modern-day applications in gardening as well as home products.Right from carpets to brushes to even fishing nets, coir has great value. Moreover, since it’s all natural and a 100 percent recyclable product, there are no side effects either.  Here are some of the common coir products available today along with the advantages they offer.

Coir Brushes


Coir brushes have started racking up the popularity points as it proven to offer a superior performance when compared to other synthetic brushes. Regarded as one of the thickest and the strongest natural fibers, Coir is also highly resistant to abrasion while being strong and durable as well.  Moreover, they can be used for an array of purposes, right from sweeping the floor, scrubbing the pot to even cleaning utensils. Just make sure you have a separate one earmarked for each purpose!

     Coir Loofah


Being completely devoid of chemicals, Coir body scrubbers are not only soft but also super healthy for your skin and body. Undoubtedly, the very best that Mother Earth has to offer, these natural loofahs will help exfoliate your skin while staying fresh and effective for months.

Coir Furniture


Coir has been used to create furniture’s and accessories as they are tough and got great durability.

Coir has also several other benefits which it bestows upon the user as well as the planet.

  • Being a naturally occurring product, Coir products do not cause any harm to our environment.
  • Coir is also rot resistant thus making it ideal for outdoor usage.
  • Coir is odorless, pleasant to handle, while also being uniform in composition.
  • Coir never shrinks, cracks or produces crust
  • Owing to its natural anti-dust mite qualities, coir products facilitate easy breathing which can come to the aid of asthma and allergy sufferers especially.

Right from the trendy hipsters to the green-conscious, Coir is an eco-friendly and healthy alternative for everyone. Considering it grows on the aptly named Tree of Life, it should come as no surprise that this multi-faceted product has climbed up the popularity charts.

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